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Ali Bahmani is an origami artist/instructor based in Tehran who grew up as a child in Japan. He has studied Mathematics and he is now getting his Master's degree in Museum Studies. He has designed and published his diagrams internationally in origami publications from the USA, UK, Germany, Australia, Italy and more. He also has collaborated and worked with Origami Artists including David Mitchell, Francesco Mancini, Alexander Kurth, and Kiumars Sharif to diagram their models. When he is working on a diagram he obsessively thinks about every detail possible in depicting the steps and the overall flow of a diagram.


Ali likes simplicity and appreciates simple and elegant origami models, especially geometrical ones.  Most of his designs have geometric structure with certain design and aesthetic qualities in the final result. His latest series of origami designs, named "Patterns and Shadows", incorporates lights and shadows into geometrical models to produce beautiful and pleasing artworks.


Teaching is one of Ali's favorite activities. He has held several origami workshops in Iranian schools and at universities and Japan for all ages and backgrounds.


Marzie Asaadi is a professional graphic and character designer based in Tehran. She has collaborated with Ali on several origami projects. When Ali draws a diagram she is the art director who makes the work really come into life with beautiful colors and layout.


Her project "Designing Posters Using Origami Forms" was a modern approach to incorporate design and origami. It consisted of a series of photographed abstract origami models with typography and designed layout.


Marzie has worked on creating stunning design solutions for both international and local clients including Line Corporation, Todco, Riviko and Digikala.


When she is not working for a client she likes to read about marketing, sketch different ideas, draw some of her characters and publish her works in her personal page.

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